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Nittany Lion Weathervane

Crouching Cougar - Nittany Lion Weather Vane


Our Nittany Lion Weathervane was first commissioned by alums of Penn State. It is the more stylized of our cougar designs, and we quite like it. We also have an impressive Prowling Cougar Weathervane in our catalog, if a more natural look is what you are looking for. Wild animals are popular subjects for weather vanes, and why not, it’s pleasant knowing that everything around us is not tamed.

As seen here, this is an all copper weathervane. It is fabricated in detailed swell-bodied style, and has custom taxidermy eyes. There are inscriptions on both sides of the horizontal bar, and ‘Lucky Pennies‘ sealed inside the body of the cougar.

These are the sorts of choices you have when placing your order. First the subject decision, and from there we can decide whether we will be personalizing an existing design or creating a new one. You might say all of our weather vanes are essentially custom made, because our amazing vane makers do not begin fabrication by cutting into the flat sheet of metal until every unique detail is delineated. Metals can be copper, brass, and nickle silver. Glass eyes also have numerous possibilities. Next, the optional choices are made as to whether you want bright gilding anywhere on the sculpture piece, or maybe an enameled detail like the school colors color on this vane, or the red heads on our Sand Cranes Weathervane. We enjoy getting the details just right for you to have a weather vane that will be so personally satisfying you will be delighting in it for many years, and even into future generations.