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St. Nick Weathervane – Father Christmas

Saint Nicholas Weather Vane - Santa


Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply ‘Santa’, is a mythical, historical and legendary figure in folklore who, in Western cultures, is described as bringing gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Our Father Christmas Weathervane is depicted in the Victorian tradition. 

This sculpture piece is crafted in copper in highly detailed swell bodied style.  Blue was selected for his glass eyes, and optional gold gilding on his beard, hair, robe hem and the bag of toys being carried. The fine detail in the fabrics and hair are evidence of the skill level of our artisans. They each develop a personal set of hammers and pads for creating these fine details in repoussé.

Many of our weathervanes were chosen by or in tandem with the children of a family. In one case each child’s room had a cupola and each child chose a storybook character for their set of weather vanes on the face of the home. Sweet. The gallery below will show some of what we have created to date, but we would love to design and make more; Tinker Bell comes to mind.

Please enjoy our Children’s Storybook Gallery

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Little Red Riding Hood WeathervaneOld Woman’s Shoe WeathervanePeter and the Wolf Weathervane
Mary Poppins WeathervaneDish Running Away With The Spoon WeathervaneCow Weathervane – Jumping The Moon
Neverending Story WeathervaneStork Standing at NestWeathervane