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Turtle Weathervane – Snapping

Snapping Turtle Weather Vane


This Snapping Turtle Weathervane was commissioned for a customer’s eight-car garage in New York. Because of his strong ties to Louisiana, he wanted a large Snapping Turtle Weather Vane to top the square cupola at the garage center. As pictured the weathervane was crafted with a copper body and shell with brass terrain under its feet. However, because each of our weathervanes is crafted to individual order, you can select the combination of metals we use and options such as gold and palladium leafing when placing your order. At that time you would also select the color for the custom glass eyes.

The Snapping Turtle, Chelydra serpentina, are popularly nicknamed ‘snappers’ and also referred to as Common Snapping Turtles when being distinguished from their larger cousins, the Macrochelys. They are large fresh and brackish water turtles of the family Chelydridae, ranging from southeastern Canada west to the Rocky Mountains (and beyond, where introduced), and south through Mexico to Ecuador.

To quote the email that accompanied the above photo of this vane in place:

Hello, Attached is a photo of the Turtle proudly atop my Turtle Garage. GREAT work, it is the crowning finishing touch for the entire building. I waited to take the photo as I wanted the copper to oxidize, it looks super! Thank you

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