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Warthog Weathervane

Running Warthog Weather Vane


Our Warthog Weathervane, Phacochoerus africanus, was originally ordered by a couple whose daughter had recently purchased her first home, and this weather vane was their housewarming gift to her. The entire family had a sweet affection for the warthog and it carried over into all manner of endearing and amusing private referrals among them.

Weather vanes are wonderful gifts, be it birthday, marriage, retirement, housewarming, or just any memorable occasion, really. Their longevity, and the personal relevance of the chosen design, makes for true family heirlooms.

This copper vane was created in the swell-bodied style. Optional gold leaf was requested to gild the tusks. The glass eyes are brown. There is a personal family inscription on the the tube of the arrow and fletching. ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important family dates are sealed into the body of the warthog, in addition to the traditional penny from the year of the sculpture’s completion which, in this case, caps the fletching end of the arrow.

This was a fun project and our customers were fun to work with. We like the active stance they chose for the warthog. We all became quite fond of the ‘little gal’ as the project progressed. The gold gilded tusks will become increasingly prominent as the copper weathers and darkens.

This design would also look cute with the hooves gilded. All of our weathervanes are made to order, giving you the opportunity to customize the finishing to match your vision.