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Yellowfin Tuna Weathervane

Fish Weather Vane - Yellowfin Tuna


Our stunning Yellowfin Tuna Weathervane, Thunnus albacares, was designed as a third order* from a great customer. They began with a Labrador Retriever Running with Duck, because the sportsman husband hunts with this dog. Being also a fisherman, they then ordered a Flounder Weathervane, and now this Yellowfin Tuna, which will be mounted on the garage, so they can see it from the house. Many of our customers have chosen to install their beautiful weathervanes in places other than on top of the house where it is out of sight so much of the time. Here at West Coast Weathervanes we have a Phoenix Weathervane in the garden and love seeing it from our living room!

This weather vane is fabricated in copper and has blue glass fish eyes. It is swell-bodied, and has optional gold leaf gilding applied to the fins, tail and stripe, emphasizing the traditional markings of this beautiful fish that is widely distributed in the world’s oceans and can be as large as 400 pounds! The family name is inscribed on the verticle mounting pole and there are ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from important dates for the family sealed inside the fish in addition to the traditional penny from the year of construction.

Because this weathervane was to be mounted at a windy seashore location the customer also ordered a security device installed. You can see it in the pictures above; it is the little set of ‘ears’ below the fish and just above the upper globe.

*In case you haven’t ‘caught wind of it’ in other vane descriptions, as a gift to our customers we give a 10% discount on all subsequent orders. And if it is your first time ordering and you order two or more weathervanes, you receive 10% off the entire order, credited at the time the balance is paid.