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Cupola Installation Method

This is the principal mounting method for most cupola installations. Weather vanes are traditionally located at the peak of the cupola in a prominent location. Most cupolas have internal access (for ventilation or maintenance purposes) and a cross brace as a structural support onto which the spire (vertical installation rod) can be mounted using a cupola flange.

Cross section view of Cupola

Cross Section of Cupola
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Cupola Flange
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The ideal time to install the rod is when the cupola is being installed. If the weathervane is going onto an existing cupola, you can usually do one of the following:

  • unscrew the roof
  • unscrew one of the louvers
  • come up through the attic for access inside the cupola



Cupola Installation click image to enlarge



High Functional Cupola click image to enlarge








If you are in construction now, we can send out the appropriate hardware as soon as the order has been placed for installation prior to the roof being sealed off.

The sculpture piece will follow as soon as it is completed and slide down over the already installed weathervane hardware.

Note: If, at all possible, this is the method we recommend for installing a weathervane on a cupola. It is typically stronger and less expensive than using an optional Two-Leg or Four-Leg Bracket.

  1. Types of Cupolas
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Cupola Installation Photos from our Customers

Cupola Sources
We have worked with Country Classics Cupolas in the past and our customers have reported very good results.

Country Classics Cupolas
Contact: Kevin Cotter, Owner
(905) 355-3773 or (866) 665-6625
Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Additional Cupola Sources:

We have not worked directly with the cupola manufacturers listed below, but, have talked or corresponded with them, visited their websites and liked what we saw.

Vintage Copper

Volko Custom Cupolas