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American Flag Banner Weathervane

Banner Weather Vane - American Flag


The origin for this particular design came from a customer who wanted a very large American Flag Weathervane. The challenge was that with our standard American Flag Weathervane, all the surface area is to one side of the pivot point. This prevents us from making the traditional design any larger than two-feet in size.

To satisfy our customer’s request for a bigger flag, we needed to counterbalance the weight so it was spread out on either side of the pivot point. By adding a weighted filigreed arrow tip, we were able to counterweight the sculpture piece, allowing us to make the flag field bigger.

The entire piece was fabricated in copper. Simple swell-bodied construction was used for the flag, and detailed swell- bodied for the filigree. The gold leaf gilding of the flag’s stars and stripes is included in the pricing.

Because they live in a high wind area, our customers optioned for a Security Device. The barn was under construction when they placed their order so we immediately sent them the hardware they needed to incorporate the mounting into the construction of the cupola, while their weather vane sculpture piece was being fabricated here in our studio and would follow. This is definitely not essential, but is a good move when you are under construction.

There is an inscription on the tube of the filigree arrow, and ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important years for their family are inside the upper globe, in addition to the traditional penny from the year the weather vane was crafted.

If an American Flag Weathervane is something you’ve thought about, we also have a silhouette style American Flag Weathervane that is simpler, and might interest you.