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Hummingbird Weathervane – Anna’s

Anna's Hummingbird Weather Vane (Calypte anna)

Hummingbird Wall Sculpture with Hibiscus

The Anna’s Hummingbird Weather Vane, Calypte anna, shown here was crafted in copper and brass, with custom-made translucent, blue glass eyes to give it a more lifelike and animated appearance.. When ordering, customers can also choose to gild their hummingbird with optional gold leaf for a more dramatic effect. If you have questions, we are happy to discuss the stages in the patina process you can expect as different metal combinations weather over time.

The Anna’s Hummingbird is a much-loved local resident here on the Central California coast. We enjoy watching them hover, dive, dart, flit and feed at our always busy feeder. Our challenge in creating this sculpture piece was to embody that lively and animated appearance. We took great care in balancing this weathervane so even the slightest breeze sets it in motion.

All the texture you see on this weathervane is created either by individually hammer chasing the lines in the wings and tails or one carefully positioned texturing hammer blow at a time for the feathers. Texturing the metal causes tiny shadows on the surface of the metals, creating a somewhat shimmery effect; our way of paying homage to the hummingbird’s iridescent feathers.

Here is a lovely comment we received from one of our customers who relocated and took their Anna’s Hummingbird Weathervane with them:

Hi LizAnne!

Here is a photo of our relocated hummingbird Weathervane! 

It looks just as spectacular in La Jolla as in San Francisco.  Every day we can look out our rear windows and see the hummingbird sitting on top of our garage in La Jolla- same as San Francisco!  Thanks so much for your assistance and advice in facilitating the relocation to La Jolla.  And thank you for hosting us and our friends at your site!

We love West Coast Weathervanes!!

You may also order this Anna’s Hummingbird as a wall sculpture with Hibiscus, as pictured, or personalize it with other flowers.

Hummingbird and Hibiscus
Wall Sculpture

With so few artisans making handmade copper weathervanes, the individuality of each sculpture piece is highly valued by collectors of American Folk Art. Even though we use paper patterns to cut out the copper, the texturing and shaping is done by hand and eye so no two weathervanes in a series are ever exactly alike. In addition, each weather vane coming out of our studio is made from start to finish by one artisan, who then signs the work.

Hummingbirds are small avians in the family Trochilidae. They are known for their ability to hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 15 to 80 times per second (depending on the species). Giant Hummingbird’s wings beat 8-10 beats per second. Medium sized hummingbird’s wings beat about 20-25 beats per second. The smallest Bee Hummingbird, maintain 70 beats per second. Capable of sustained hovering, the hummingbird has the ability to fly deliberately backwards or vertically, and to maintain position while drinking from flower blossoms. They are named for the characteristic hum made by the feathers of their wings.

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