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Chicken Weathervane – Hen and Flock of Six Chicks

Hen and Six Chicks Weather Vane


Our Hen and Flock of Six Chicks Weathervane was commissioned by a customer in Panama. He was building a new home and wanted a housewarming gift for his wife. As you might be able to guess from the design, they have six children. In addition to this weathervane, we also made them a Phoenix Rooster Weathervane to stand nearby and keep a protective eye on his family.

They followed the tradition of putting a “lucky” penny inside each chick to represent their children’s birth years. The chicks also have personalized glass eyes in different colors, and the children’s names are inscribed on small plates below each chick. The hen and the rooster were also personalized accordingly.

A number of our customers have mounted several of our weather vanes, telling a story. One customer has an Arabian Horse and a Golden Retriever. Another has fairy tale characters on the dormers over each of their children’s bedrooms. Also, with this second order, they enjoyed our 10% discount for returning customers.

This hen and chicks have a different attitude than our Mother Hen with Chicks Weathervane. In that one, they seem to be on a high stepping stroll. Here ‘Mom’ seems to be purposefully scurrying the chicks along. This all copper vane is crafted in swell-bodied style. Optional gold leafing was requested for the feet, beaks, comb and waddle. These bright elements will create eye-catching interest as the sculpture pieces weather and darken. They all haveĀ glass eyes in sizes that scale with their bodies.

An egg on the top of each of the four directionals is a popular option with our poultry vanes.

Poultry Gallery Sampling

Mother Hen and Chicks
Running Goose
Pheasant Flying
with Feather Weathervane
Pheasant Weathervane
Traditional Rooster
Rooster Weathervane
Facing Forward
Rooster Weathervane,
Facing Back
Standing Turkey
Fierce Rooster