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Coyotes Weathervane – Howling With Pup

Coyote and Pup Weather Vane


This Coyote Weathervane with Pup was designed to honor of some of our local residents here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Even though all of us who live here in the mountains of Santa Cruz need to keep a close eye on our pets and chickens, these beautiful animals are part of the reason why we love living where we do.

It is a variation on our Howling Coyote Weathervane. The addition of the howling pup changes the entire dynamic of the design. We love how the young pup strives to imitate its parent. In fact it is one of our new favorite weathervane designs! As shown here, both the adult and the baby are of copper. We added optional gold leaf to the moon and the two coyote’s teeth to help them stand out against a tree filled backdrop. The half arrow below the two coyotes helps indicate wind direction. This weathervane can be made without the moon ring if that is your preference.

Included with the recent pictures of this weathervane installed was this lovely note for our customer:

Your creations are not only beautifully crafted but you so thoughtfully make every effort to make them personal and that made this gift for my husband even more special than I had imagined it would be. We love knowing the inscription is up there on the weathervane and that reminders of each of our family members’ years of creation are swirling around in that beautiful piece of art of your creation!

Though coyotes, Canis latrans, have been observed to travel in large groups, they primarily hunt in pairs. Typical packs consist of six closely related adults, yearlings and young. Coyote packs are generally smaller than wolf packs, and associations between individuals are less stable, thus making their social behavior more in line with that of the dingo. Common names of coyote groups are a band, a pack, or a rout. Coyotes are primarily nocturnal, but can often be seen during daylight hours.

The calls a coyote makes are high-pitched and variously described as howls, yips, yelps, and barks. These calls may be a long rising and falling note (a howl) or a series of short notes (yips). These calls are most often heard at dusk or night, but may sometimes be heard in the day, even in the middle of the day. When a coyote calls its pack together, it howls at one high note. When the pack is together, it howls higher and higher, and then it will yip and yelp and also do a yi-yi sound, very shrill, with the howl.

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