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Coyote Weathervane – Crescent Moon

Coyote with Crescent Moon Howling Weather Vane


This Coyote Howling with Crescent Moon Weather Vane, Canis latrans, is one of many variations of Coyote weathervanes we offer. As shown here, we’ve added a stylized Indigenous American arrow head tip with feathered fletching. We’ve also added an optional gold leafed crescent moon to the design. In another version of this weathervane we offer a coyote pup sitting just in front of its parent, also with head tipped up howling at the moon. Along similar lines, we also offer a Howling Wolf Weather Vane.

Howling coyotes are most often heard at dusk or night. When a coyote calls its pack together, it howls at one high note. When the pack is together, it howls higher and higher, and then it will yip and yelp and also do a yi-yi sound, very shrill, with the howl.

Because coyotes have such a widespread range, we have Coyote Weathervanes all over the country, from Florida to the Pacific Northwest. At art festivals in the desert Southwest, the coyote, along with our Roadrunner Weathervane, were always appealing choices. Locations for placing a Coyote weathervane are just as diverse. One version of this design sits atop a Nature Conservancy’s structure in Utah. Many have been placed in garden settings, and we even had one go atop a never completed windmill tower in Texas.

Coyote Weather Vanes have been popular as gifts, especially in the small size (~one-foot sculpture pieces). The smaller the weathervane, the more places you can put it. Favored locations are indoors on a shelf, fireplace mantel or desk. Outside locations include deck railings, pedestals in gardens or atop small structures such as wishing wells, children’s playhouses or even chicken coops (for those with a sense of humor).

This coyote is a classic example of a mirror image weathervane. A mirror image weather vane has identical pattern pieces for each side of the sculpture piece and looks exactly the same when viewed from either side. A non-mirror image weather vane has different pattern pieces for each side so it looks slightly different when viewed from each side (imagine the legs of a galloping horse for example). If you are browsing our website see if you can tell the difference between mirror image and non-mirror image weather vane designs.

Coyote is a mythological character common to many Native American cultures, based on observed coyote animal/behavior. Coyote is often portrayed as a trickster. Tricksters can be cunning or foolish or both; they are often funny even when considered sacred or performing important cultural tasks.

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