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Dog Weathervane – Boxer Standing

Standing Boxer Weather Vane

Boxer Standing

Our Boxer Weather Vane is a popular design here at West Coast Weather Vanes. Boxer owners are passionate about their breed and over the years we have made multiple variations on our original Boxer design.

We have made both male and female Boxer weathervanes. We have made Boxers with docked and natural tails, cropped and uncropped ears; we have added collars with inscriptions of beloved dog(s) names, and even transformed weathervanes into portrait tri-color Boxers using copper, palladium and gold leaf. Markings can be personalized depending on your dog’s coat. If you would like to send us photos, we can get back to you with our recommendations and a quote.

A memorable project was creating a brindle Boxer, which required developing a handy new weathervane making technique we have since employed on a number of other projects. That vane was sent back to us for repairs after a storm, and we had to photograph and post to show the beautiful patina it has acquired.







Another fun custom Boxer Weathervane was a double portrait sculpture piece for a customer in Washington State. She couldn’t decide between a Boxer vane and a Westie vane so we made her a weathervane with both of her dogs on it!

One of our customers, with whom we’ve remained in contact over the years, had us design a weathervane based on her beloved boxer ‘Sadie’. Her husband recently finished hand-building a remarkable cupola on their new home atop which her vane is beautifully presented for all to see. She published a book about the project as a tribute to her husband’s dexterity and sent a copy of the book to us with her ‘Sadie’ weathervane proudly displayed on the cover. Projects like these are what make us happy to come to work each day!

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