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Dog Weathervane – West Highland Terrier in Play Bow

Westie Weather Vane in Play Bow


Our West Highland Terrier Weather Vane in the Play Bow position is a perennial favorite here at West Coast Weather Vanes. Not only do we have various versions of this design on display throughout the United States, there is also one in Athens, Greece.

Because we craft each of our weathervanes to individual order we are able to take the time to capture the personality and spirit of each dog. We have variations of this Westie playfully facing down his favorite cat, his buddy a Boxer Dog, and even another Westie, also shown in a play bow position. We have made the Westie and Cat version of this weathervane for two different small animal Veterinary Clinics to advertise their professional orientation.

This West Highland Terrier was fabricated entirely in copper. We used brown glass eyes with black pupils to give the dog a more lifelike and animated appearance. If you would like us to capture the white coloration for which Westie’s are known, we can apply optional gold or palladium leaf to the dog’s coat. As options we can also stamp your dog(s) name onto either a collar or collar with dog tag in the shape of a dog bone, circle or heart.

Another advantage to ordering our made to order weathervanes is that it can be tailored to your location and climate. For example, we made one of these West Highland Terrier Weathervanes for customers living near Narragansett, RI. Their home was right on the coast in the path of both nor’easters and hurricanes. With this in mind, we increased the diameter of the stainless steel installation rod that attaches to the roof, added an optional security device and put some internal reinforcing inside the body of the dog itself. While there comes a limit to what any weathervane can take, one made to order, with an understanding of the environment into which it will be placed, will be considerably stronger than one purchased ‘off the shelf’.

West Highland White Terriers have a distinctive, brilliant white coat. They are friendly, good with children, and thrive on lots of attention. Like most terriers, they have plenty of attitude (some might say ‘spirit’) for a dog their size. This breed is commonly recognized because it is the mascot for Black & White Scotch Whisky and for Cesar brand dog food.

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