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Dog Weathervane – Great Dane with Natural Ears

Great Dane with Natural Ears Weather Vane


This Great Dane with Natural Ears Weathervane was created because of multiple requests from customers who wanted a weathervane sculpture piece with ears like their dog’s. We also offer this design with upright ears.


Pictured above are portraits of Nero and of Saige. The distinctive markings on each dog were requested in optional gold leaf by their owners. We accomplish this detail with the help of our customers. They take detailed photos for us, and our artisans take extra care with this to get it just right.

And here’s a nice note we received from our customers who ordered the portrait of Saige:

“Thank you for what truly is the most gorgeous Saige Weathervane…It has been a great pleasure working with you and being a very proud recipient of your unique and precious art.”

This vane is a swell bodied design, crafted in copper as a ‘mirror image’.  Mirror image means it looks the same from both sides. Nero’s name is engraved on the collar, and Saige’s name is engraved on the collar’s tag. there are ‘Lucky Pennies’ affixed to the arrows fletching of Nero’s vane. Saige’s ‘Lucky Pennies’ are capping the horizontal tube and inside the body. The glass eyes are brown.

Perhaps because of their large stature, most of the Great Dane weather vanes we have made have been ordered in large and extra large size for display on homes. We have also crafted a few small versions for use inside the home. Another desirable location for this ‘man’s best friend’ wind sculpture is in a garden, where you can see and enjoy your weathervane from inside the house.

When a customer orders a weathervane from West Coast Weather Vanes they are given the opportunity to select the metal combinations, eye color if applicable, Lucky Pennies, and optional gold or palladium leafing to accentuate the features of their dog. Every weathervane coming out of our studio is made to order, from start to finish, by a single artisan who oversees all these details and then signs, dates and numbers the weathervane within its limited edition series.


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Standing Great Dane

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Running Great Dane

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