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Dog Weathervane – Poodle in Play Bow

Poodle Weather Vane in Play Bow


Our copper Poodle Weathervane in the classic play bow position is very popular, as it captures this breed’s alert and playful nature.  Because each weathervane is made to individual order, as an option, we can vary the clip to reflect the style of your dog. So whether your Poodle sports a Bikini Clip, Continental Clip, Puppy Clip, Kennel Clip or Town & Country Clip, just let us know; we love personalizing weathervanes to give them individual personalities.

A favorite story here at West Coast Weather Vanes is about one of our customers who ordered both a medium sized Poodle and a large sized Poodle to capture their ‘pack’. One went atop the garage and the other atop a garden shed near by. When the wind blows, the two Poodle Weathervanes “play” together. Another customer substituted a dog bone for the ball and in yet another the customer upgraded from a plain ball to a beloved soccer ball!

The Poodles pictured here shows the distinctive tooling, with specially designed hammers, we used to create the fluffy soft fur for which this breed is known. Our customer often provide photographs of their dog and requested optional gold leafing to capture the markings of their pet.  Collars with your dog’s name inscribed are another option.

The fun, intelligent and noble poodle is a breed of dog originally developed for hunting and is noted for its alertness and skill in the water (the traditionally puffy cuts at the ‘elbows’, knees and ankles were used for insulation in the wet and cold). The English name comes from the German Pudel, or Pudelhund – from Old German puddeln – meaning “to splash about”. In France, Portugal and Spain, the Poodle is known as a caniche. Today, poodles are generally kept as pets. However, they are a versatile breed capable of hunting, tracking, protection, or entertainment. French customs, for instance, uses miniature poodles to search for illegal substances. Because of their small size, they are more unobtrusive, when searching cars and train compartments.

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