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Dog Weathervane – Poodle Trotting

Trotting Poodle Weathervane


This active Poodle Trotting Weathervane was a special and touching commission by Claudia, our Website and Social Media Coordinator. Ruby, the Standard Poodle and beloved companion of a dear friend, had passed away suddenly and Claudia wanted to do something special for her friend to honor Ruby and create a lasting tribute in her memory.

Using photos of Ruby we worked to create a design that reflected her friendly and energetic personality. Rolando, one of our journeyman weathervane makers, really took this project to heart. The result is a truly amazing portrait sculpture weather vane.

‘Ruby’ is fabricated of copper, with glass eyes and an optional inscribed collar. Another available option is a hanging tag in the shape of a bone or a heart, that can also have an inscription permanently hammered in.

After Claudia presented the completed weathervane to her friend we received this note:

‘Thank you for the dearest gift you could possibly give me honoring my Ruby. It is meaningful beyond words to express my deep gratitude for the love and attention to detail that went into creating this beautiful piece of art. I love the stories of its process and am grateful to all that participated. She is shining brightly in the morning sunrise as I write.’

Projects like these are truly gratifying and make it a pleasure to come to work each day.

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