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Golf Cart Weathervane

Golfer Weather Vane with Cart


What better gift for a golf enthusiast whose home is on the links than our Golf Cart Weathervane? When this sportsman’s wife found our website and golf weathervanes, she had trouble choosing. In the end she chose to personalize our Golf Cart Weathervane to be more reminiscent of her spouse, including blue glass eyes, and to have the number of the hole they live on applied to the pennant in gold leaf.

This golf cart sculpture is fabricated in highly detailed swell bodied style. The majority of the piece is copper, with brass wheels and golf bag. The customer also requested optional gold leaf be applied to the face, arms and legs of the golfer. This gilding will remain a bright and light contrast for many decades as the other metals darken and patina.

For this home in this setting, the best option for viewing was an extra large. Sizing depends on so many factors; viewing distance and complexity of the piece being only two. Before any weathervane goes on the schedule with our artisans, we work with each customer to determine the best size and design to suit their location and their budget.

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Golf Cart Weathervane with GolferGolfer-Weathervane-Man-and-Woman-W4Golfer-Weathervane-Standing-Portrait-040205-W2
Golf Cart WeathervaneGolf Weathervane-Woman and ManGolf Weathervane
Frustrated Golfer WeathervaneGolf Weathervane---SwingingGolf Pennant Weathervane