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Horse Weathervane Racehorse and Jockey Ver. 3

Racehorse with Jockey Weather Vane V3


This Racehorse and Jockey Weathervane is one of several in our catalog on this popular theme. Our portrait racehorse weathervanes have been commissioned by Triple Crown Trainers, as memorials, and to honor racing champions.  Customers can send us photos of their horses and jockeys and we work up designs for their approval. We can match markings, include racing numbers and match the jockey’s clothing and the saddle blanket. What better way to showcase your facility than with a portrait weathervane atop your house, stable or training facility?

This design was created for owners of a thoroughbred horse facility in Texas. It will be mounted atop a large cupola on a beautiful new barn they are building on their property. Due to the size of the new structure, they opted for an extra-large (~4-foot sculpture piece) although we can also make Racehorse Weathervanes in smaller standard sizes, depending on the scale of the structure on which it is to be mounted.

The sculpture piece has been rendered in copper by our master artisans. It is in detailed, swell bodied style. The optional gold and palladium leafing and the use of enamel paint to match the coloration of the jockey’s silks were all selected in the design process. If this is the design you select, or any of our other horse and jockey weather vanes, these kinds of details will be decided when you place your order. Glass eye color, horse number, ‘Lucky Pennies‘, correct size for the location, inscriptions, and metal combinations are among the individualized decisions to be made. Or you could further adjust and personalize the design.

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