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Horse Weathervane – Rearing Stallion, Version 2

Rearing Stallion Weather Vane, V2


Our Rearing Stallion Weathervane, V2, is a new and improved version of one of our earliest designs. In Version 1  the front legs were fabricated as separate pieces and soldered onto the body. The mane and tail were hammered from single sheets of metal, silhouette style. The detailing is very simple.

Rearing Stallion V1

As our skills improved over the decades we realized it was time to revise this design. As you can see the shaping of the horse is much more sophisticated and realistic in configuration and musculature. We also changed the mane and tale to double sided, swell-bodied construction for added strength.

In both versions the horses have glass eyes, and the tail and mane are pictured with optional gold leaf gilding.

Rearing horses are a powerful image and popular with our customers. With the aid of your pictures we can personalize any of these designs to be a portrait of your beloved steed.

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Rearing Stallion
Weathervane, V1
Rearing Stallion
Weathervane, V2
Rearing Unicorn