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Horse Weathervane Stallion Rearing Ver. 1

Rearing Stallion Weather Vane


The Rearing Stallion Weathervane was one of our earliest designs and has been through several revisions over the years as our technical skill has improved.  This ancient photo from the pre-digital camera era attests to its early origins.

The stallion pictured was crafted in copper, in swell bodied style with an optional gold leaf mane and tail. The color for the stallion’s glass eyes is chosen at the time of your order. This design can also be modified to create a unicorn weather vane.

The mystique of the stallion in the arts and literature is well established. Movies like Black Beauty, The Silver Brumby, Man From Snowy River, The Black Stallion and Spirit, the Stallion of Cimarron are all well know films that salute the beauty and power of the stallion. Important to many cultures throughout the world, stallions are used for breeding and maintaining or improving bloodlines in horses. They usually have a thicker neck compared to mares and geldings, as well as a more muscular physique and a fiery temperament and are especially popular for upper level dressage work, as well as show jumping.

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Rearing Stallion
Weathervane, V1
Rearing Stallion
Weathervane, V2
Rearing Unicorn