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Unicorn Weathervane – Rearing

Rearing Unicorn Weather Vane


Our Unicorn Weathervane is especially popular with people who love horses and collectors of unicorns. A number of our equestrian customers select the Unicorn Weather Vane because they love and raise multiple breeds of horses and do not want to single out and showcase any one specifically. Our Pegasus Weathervane is also a popular choice for this reason.

While unicorn collectors seem to have found representations of these beautiful mythical creatures in just about every form possible, a Unicorn Weathervane can be the culminating highlight to an extensive collection. Many a husband and/or father has issued a sigh of relief upon discovering our Unicorn Weathervane! a perfect gift.

This weathervane includes a choice of beautifully colored translucent glass jewels for eyes. When displayed against the skyline, the light shines through to dramatic effect.

Because many of our Unicorn Weathervanes are given as gifts, a perfect way to personalize the weathervane even further is to include ‘lucky pennies‘ from special years inside the weathervane. For example, if this is a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or even a retirement gift, we can include pennies from those years to celebrate the special occasion.

Other options include choosing the combination of metals used to create the unicorn and adding a personalized inscription. Most of our customers request optional gold or palladium leaf for their unicorn’s mane, tail and horn although brass is also popular. One weathervane we made was leafed entirely in palladium with the exception of the alternating spirals in its horn, which we did in gold leaf. The effect was stunning! Inscriptions, which consist of ¼” tall letters stamped into the metal, can be up to approximately 30 letters long. One of my favorite inscriptions, although slightly longer than usual, was for a Unicorn Weathervane that ended up in a garden setting. It read: “DREAMS ARE THE PLAYGROUND OF UNICORNS – HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY”.

Unicorns have appeared in Western writings for over 2000 years with sources including the Bible, Aristotle and Genghis Khan. The Unicorn also evolved as a mythical creature in China as early as 2800 BC. In western lore, unicorns are symbols of purity and grace and can only be captured by a virgin. This Unicorn Weathervane pairs wonderfully with our Pegasus Weathervane or our Star Maiden Weathervane, who also represents purity and grace.

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