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Native American Weathervane – Blackfoot Woman

Blackfoot Indigenous Woman Weather Vane


Our Blackfoot Woman Weathervane was commissioned by a woman with an enormous sympathy for the Blackfeet first nations people. Through her adult life she has worked with the Blackfeet on their Montana Reservation, and assisted them in projects to preserve their ways and protect their sovereignty. The attachment is so strong and mutual they have given her a tribal name.

So when it came to this traditional blackfeet maiden it was very important to all of us to get it just right! Our artists executed this sculpture in high detail, swell bodied style. It is also a mirror image piece; as she spins she is always facing you, showing the detail of her turquoise bejeweled dress and her lovely face. Her dress is fabricated of brass, and the rest of the sculpture is copper. The bluebird in her hand has a custom patina to create a lasting color. Her hair has been treated with an acid to achieve the dark, indigenous tone. Her glass eyes are dark also. There are ‘lucky pennies’ sealed into the woman’s medicine pouch from years of important connections for our customer.

Because all of our weather vanes are made to order, we can personalize this vane to represent different indigenous people.  If you have an interest in a weather vane symbolic of a particular group of people (examples we have done to date include an iconic western cowboy, Mohican Indian, Eskimo, Don Quixote, Ganesha or Kokopelli) , please let us know. We would be happy to work with you to create a beautiful and lasting tribute to a particular group of people.

Native Americans make up 2 percent of the population, with more than 6 million people identifying themselves as such, although only 1.8 million are registered tribal members. A minority of U.S. aboriginals live on sovereign reservations.