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Dog Weathervane – Brittany Spaniel Standing

Standing Brittany Spaniel Weather Vane


Over the years, each of our Brittany Spaniel weathervanes has been personalized to reflect the marking and coat texture of an individual dog. Our customers sent us photos of their dogs and we used them as the inspiration for their weathervane. Two of the Brittany weathervanes were made as gifts for husbands from their wives. One was a memorial for a dog named Otis. Our customers have displayed their weathervanes on top of houses, garages, kennels and in garden settings. Here is a lovely comment from our customer:

“We are breathing a sigh of relief that Kramer is safe and sound protecting our property! He is beautiful! I just LOVE Kramer. Thank you so much for getting him to me for this weekend and all you have done to make this beautiful and sentimental piece for us!!”

As with all our dog weathervanes, we can add a collar with or without a dog tag in the shape of a heart, circle or dog bone. Your dog’s name(s) can be stamped onto the collar and/or tag. We can apply optional gold leaf to replicate your dog’s markings. We can also make the dog male or female. We have talked with potential customers about creating a French Brittany Spaniel, although we have not yet made one.

If yours is a hunting dog, you could substitute an optional gun for the horizontal tube under the dog’s paws. Or, grasses and reeds can be added to the horizontal tube to place the dog in a more natural setting. Another option is to include a pheasant, duck or other prey on the horizontal tube just in front of the dog’s front legs.

The Brittany is a breed of gun dog that is primarily bred for bird hunting. Although the dog is often referred to as a spaniel, the breed’s working characteristics are more akin to a pointer or setter. Many breeders differentiate between ‘American’ Brittanys and ‘French’ style Brittanys. Although generally recognized as sub-sets of the same breed, there are recognizable differences between the two. The American Brittany is taller and faster. It has been bred to cover more ground for hunting the wide open spaces of the United States. The smaller French Brittany appears more ‘spaniel-like’ and generally works more closely to the guns.

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