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Dog Weathervane – Springer Spaniel Standing

Standing Springer Spaniel Weather Vane


For this Standing Springer Spaniel Weather Vane we used a metal combination of copper and brass to match the markings on our customer’s dog.  She sent us photos of her Springer which we used to replicate its markings. Many of our customers choose optional gold leaf for the white markings so you will get the distinct contrast in coat color once the copper weathers a deep chocolate brown.

When a customer orders a weathervane from us, they are given the opportunity to select the metal combination the want for their dog. If your dog has a two color or  tri-color coat, we can apply optional gold or palladium leaf to replicate these markings. Using custom crafted hammers developed here at our studio, we can texture the metal to give it either the feel of a show bred or field bred Springer Spaniel. If your dog has a pedigree name, we can stamp that onto the horizontal tube beneath your dog’s feet.

As a noted gun dog, another option would be to showcase the dog standing atop a shotgun rather than an arrow. We can even replicate a specific gun if you send us photos. If you prefer an arrow, there are many styles of arrows from which you can select. Another option is the addition of a collar and tag with your dog(s) name stamped onto it. An interesting approach might be to pair the Springer Spaniel weathervane with one of our Flushing Pheasant Weathervanes. If you have a long ridgeline on your roof, two nearby cupolas or space in your backyard, such a pairing would create a daily drama  in the ever changing wind.

While this Springer Spaniel is shown in the classic conformation pose, another great approach would be to create a weathervane design that shows the dog fetching. Please see our Labrador Retriever with Duck Weathervane for an example of how this might look. We have created many dog breeds in running, jumping and play bow positions. With each weather vane we make the driving motivation is to capture the personality and spirit of the specific dog being represented.

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