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Dog Weathervane – American Cocker Spaniel Standing

Standing American Crocker Spaniel Weather Vane


Our American Cocker Spaniel Weather Vane is crafted in copper with brown glass eyes and black pupils to give it a more lifelike appearance. An optional collar with your dog’s name can be added in copper, brass or gold leaf. The woman who originally ordered this weathervane owned a breed champion. She sent us photos and worked with us to get the conformation exactly the way she wanted.

In addition to show dogs, we have also made versions as field trial dogs and weathervanes based on beloved family pets.  Popular poses for our dog weathervanes include not only the formal conformation pose shown here, but running or leaping dogs or even dogs in a play bow pose, frequently facing down a ball, squirrel, bunny or another dog. With every weathervane we make, we try to capture the personality and spirit of the dog being represented. This is conveyed by working from photos and conversations to create a pose distinct to the breed and the specific dog.

The American Cocker Spaniel evolved in the United States from spaniels imported from Great Britain. By the 1930s the American variety had become so different it was given separate breed status. Originally a gun dog, the Cocker now fulfills the position of family pet or show dog most often and unlike the English Cocker, is rarely seen hunting. Some American lines are still bred for fieldwork, and there is a small movement of enthusiasts working to preserve the hunting abilities of the breed.

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