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Bunny Weathervane – Whimsical

Flying Bunny Weather Vane


This precious Flying Bunny Weathervane is reminiscent of many beautiful illustrations in children’s literature. With her sweet robes, basket of flowers, and ears flying backwards with the force of velocity, she makes a happy wind sculpture on the roof, in the garden or on a fence.

This vane is fabricated from copper and brass in swell bodied style. These two metals, as they weather, will have a very subtle and lovely difference. Our customer for the vane pictured also requested optional gold leaf on the flower in the basket. Non-ferrous metal gilding adds a bright visual on the sculpture that will last for many decades as the copper and brass go through their changes. Other lovely options for gilding would be the body parts, and the detailing on the gown. The bunny has purple glass eyes, chosen from our wide selection of colors and types.

Please enjoy our Bunny Rabbit Gallery

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Rabbit Weathervane – Netherland DwarfJackrabbit Weathervane – LeapingRabbit Weathervane
Holding Carrots
Rabbit-Weathervane-Pulling-Carrots-PEaster-Bunny- weathervane-081013-W1
Rabbit Weathervane
Pulling Carrots
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