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Skier Weathervane – Slalom Female

Slalom Skier Weather Vane Female


This Slalom Skier Weathervane was commissioned by an avid skier for her new barn in Vermont. She wanted a modern and active interpretation of our earlier skier weathervane designs. What you see here is the result of her new commission.

Originally fabricated in the large size, we added both optional gold and palladium leaf to the design to give it more visual pzazz. While this particular vane was made to showcase a woman slalom skier, it can also be modified to represent a male or child skier.

Being crafted in copper, our weathervanes are good candidates for winter conditions as they are non-ferrous (they will patina but they will not rust) and are ideal for buildings such as ski lodges, chalets and warming huts. Both the skier, the flag and the bottom bar could accommodate an inscription or a gold/palladium leaf logo. After all, there are copper weathervanes atop buildings today that were installed in New England over a hundred years ago and are still doing just fine.

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