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Skiing Weathervane Skier Male

Male Skier Weather Vane


Our Male Skier Weathervane was originally commissioned as a wall sculpture piece for a chalet in Colorado. The Female Skier Weathervane was also commissioned at the same time to accompany it on the same wall.

Since then we have made both designs as actual weather vanes. The customers who commissioned the wall sculptures from us sent photos of themselves on the slopes, which we used as models to create these portrait weather vane designs.

If these weathervanes appeal to you, we can modify the skier’s features to personalize your vane. As shown in the main photo above the skier’s hair, scarf, gloves, boots, and skis were crafted in copper. the ski suit and face are brass. These two metals will age with a subtle and lovely difference. 

Another popular way to make the skier weather vanes is to add optional gold leaf to the skier’s faces. The skier weathervanes also come with a choice of translucent glass eye colors. The color is chosen when you make your order.

The Schussing Skier Weathervane is another variation offered by West Coast Weather Vanes. This is an excellent design when customers wish to display their weathervane in a high wind environment because of its compact design.

Our weathervanes are all made to order. We are happy to discuss any variations you envision for the sculpture piece that you want to see!

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Male Skier
Female Skier
Slalom Skier
Skier Weathervane