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Skier Weathervane Schussing – Downhill Skier

Racing Skier Weather Vane Schussing


This Skier Schussing Weather Vane is our most popular skiing design. Many of our customers display it atop their ski lodges or cabins in mountain settings. Because of its compact layout, it is ideal for high wind environments.

As shown in the photo above, the skier’s hat, hair, gloves, and boots are in brass. The skier’s sweater, face, pants, and skis were made in copper. Because we craft each weathervane to order, you can choose the metal combination we use to make your weather vane. Another popular option is the addition of optional gold leaf to the skier’s face, gloves and boots. The skier weathervanes also come with a choice of eye color made from translucent glass. We have made versions of this weathervane where the hair and mustache have been made with optional palladium leaf, matching the silver hair of the owner.

If you send us photos, we can further tailor the skier’s features to create a portrait piece. If desired, this weathervane can be transformed into a woman or child. In addition to our Schussing Skier Weather Vane, we offer other skier weathervanes including distinct male and female versions.

We received this lovely note from our customers who commissioned this weathervane in honor of their son who competes in downhill skiing events:

“. . . .  It looks just like our son! I will send along a photo this coming winter with the snow but for now, the skier will be basking in the summer sun! Thank you again for making such a beautiful piece of art that our family will treasure forever.”

West Coast Weather Vanes also offers a variety of other sporting figure weather vanes including a Hockey Player, a Soccer Player, a Tennis Player, and several Golfers.

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