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Skiing Weathervane Skier Female

Woman Skiing Weather Vane


Our Female Skier Weathervane is a multi-metal fabrication in swell bodied style. The skier’s hair, gloves and boots are copper. The face, ski suit and poles are brass. This vane was first commissioned as a wall sculpture piece for a chalet in Colorado. Our Male Skier Weathervane was commissioned at the same time to accompany it on the same wall. (We offer a 10% discount on orders of multiple sculpture pieces and weather vanes.)

Since then we have made both designs as weather vanes, as you can see in the pictures. The customers who originally commissioned the wall sculptures from us sent us photos of themselves which we used as models to create the weather vane designs. We will happily personalize these designs and create portraits from your photos if you request that option.

Skiing (technically snow skiing) is the activity of gliding over snow using skis (originally wooden planks, now usually made from fiberglass or related composites) strapped to the feet with ski bindings. Originally used primarily for transportation, snow skiing evolved into a popular recreational and competitive activity during the 20th century. The sport consists of many variations, each of which fits into one of the major categories of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, or telemark skiing. 

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Female Skier
Slalom Skier
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