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Banner Weathervane – Redwood

Redwood Banner Weather Vane


Banner Weathervanes are very popular. The Redwood Banner weather vane above was commissioned by a couple who wanted to acknowledge the amazing natural beauty of their native California. The custom design features a cut out image of a redwood branch with cone centered in the copper banner. It also has our California Quail sculpture piece sitting on an arrow, as if to counterbalance the waving banner. It can be made with or without a quail, or the quail can be replaced with another favorite animal. The spire is topped with another California native, the Mariposa Lily, Calochortus. This customer also requested the application of optional gold leaf on the redwood cone, the quail’s plumage and breast, and parts of the lily. 

A banner is a flag often bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or other message. Banner-making is an ancient craft. A heraldic banner, also called banner of arms, displays the basic coat of arms. The message of this banner is so touchingly sentimental about California’s flora and fauna. This vane incorporates almost every style of construction we use. It is made of copper, with brass as the flag attachment straps. The quail is detail swell bodied, the banner is silhouette style and the mariposa lily is three dimensional. It is a very effective piece. And it is very adaptable: the cutout frond in the banner could be changed to another tree’s foliage, and the plant on the spire could be changed as could the quail on the feather-both possible in either plant or animal-there could be a bird on the spire, and a vine on the feather!

If you would like to herald the interests and passions of your life with one of our banner weathervanes, we would love to discuss your project with you.

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