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Palmetto Weathervane with Three Trees, Two Chairs and Moon Design

Three Palms by Moonlight Weather Vane Design


Our Three Palmetto Weathervane with Two Chairs and Moon is one of those designs that suggests relaxation. Just looking at it encourages a little break time, under a tree, someplace warm. Palmettos and Palms are both in the Arecaceae family. The main difference is that Palmettos top out around 30 feet, while palms can soar to more than twice that.

The sculpture pieces would be crafted of copper and brass: the brass trunks in swell-bodied style; the copper chairs and brass grasses repoussé in silhouette style. The palm fronds would be single sheet copper worked in double layer to create the effect of true palms and to create strength.

This weather vane as designed would have optional gold or palladium leafing. The copper and brass will weather, and then patina, with lovely subtle variations. With gilding the colors of the precious metals will remain bright, and create a greater contrast over time.

This is an opportunity to own a number 1 in our limited series without a design fee!

We also have a Two Palm with Chairs Weathervane in our catalog which is a simpler look.












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