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Palm Tree Weathervane – Double on Arrow

Two Coconut Palms Weather Vane


Our customer in Australia wanted this Two Palm Weathervane designed for her new home and to have the home’s name inscribed on the arrow below the palms. Because this piece was being mounted at the seashore we installed our strongest security device to the mounting mechanism as a precautionary measure.

The palms in this design are a mirror image, meaning both sides are identical, so when the weathervane spins you will always see it from the ‘front’. The ground the palms rise from has some variation from side to side. The coconuts have had optional gold leaf applied to them, at the customers request. These bright coconuts will be a wonderful contrast for many years as the copper darkens in weathering.

Many of our weather vanes are ordered for new construction of houses, cupolas, barns, schools, businesses and garages. If you are thinking of having one of our vanes created for your construction project it is very handy to include the mounting mechanisms in your construction schedule. We can send you this hardware quite quickly, even if it will be a while before your project comes up in our artisan’s schedules.

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