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Lighthouse Weathervane – With Tree

Montara Lighthouse Weather Vane with Tree


Our Lighthouse with Tree Weather Vane is based on a historic lighthouse built in 1881 near Montara, California. The couple who originally commissioned it have a home that overlooks this scenic stretch of coastline and the lighthouse, which is flanked on one side by the keeper’s house and on the other side by an iconic and venerable Monterey Cypress tree.

As shown here, our customers chose to have us apply optional gold leaf to the lighthouse tower, capturing its vivid white coloration that glows golden in the setting sun. The roof, windows, door, observer’s tower roof and tree leaves are done in copper while the tree trunk and keeper’s house are brass. Over time, both the copper and brass will darken in color while the gilded lighthouse will maintain it’s luminous golden color. The lantern inside the lighthouse is composed of a translucent glass jewel.

Recently, our customer sent us a note along with some photos of the weathervane installed on top of their house. The note said:

Lighthouse-Weathervane-with-Tree051414-TX1Lighthouse-Weathervane-with-Tree-051414-TX2“LizAnne: What is really neat is that when the sun sets the glass ball in the vane catches the light and it looks like the lighthouse is actually lit.  Works when the moon sets over the ocean too.  The vane faces the real lighthouse just to the south of our home.  ~Tom”

Each weathervane is custom crafted to individual order so the choice of metals and glass jewel varies according to customer preference. If there is a lighthouse that has meaning to you, please give us a call. We would be happy to assist you in bringing your idea to life.

Lighthouses have always been popular subjects for weathervanes. Many people who purchase them live near a coast, but if you do please remember that the marine environment can be very harsh and windy. For this reason, always be sure that your vertical installation rod is made of stainless steel (as is the case with our weathervanes). The cold rolled steel rods common among imports do not hold up well under these strenuous conditions.

Perhaps the most famous lighthouse in history is the Lighthouse of Alexandria, built on the island of Pharos in Hellenistic Egypt. The term pharology (study of lighthouses) also derives from the island’s name. Built in 280 BC, its height is variously estimated between 115 and 135 meters (377 and 443 ft) and it was identified as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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