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Leaf Weathervane – Double Oak

Double Oak Leaf Weather Vane


This Double Oak Leaf Weather Vane is a variation on our Single Oak Leaf Weather Vane. It was commissioned by a couple in North Carolina. They selected the medium size (two-foot sculpture piece) to go atop a 26” cupola on their new two car garage. They have a number of large Pin Oaks and White Oaks on their property and thought this weathervane would be a nice complement to their existing landscape.

They selected optional gold leafing on the veins in the leaves and the acorns. This works particularly well because as the copper weathers it first will turn a deep chocolate brown before, eventually, taking on the beautiful turquoise green patina for which copper is known. The gold leaf creates a nice contrast both with the deep brown and, later, the lighter green of the copper. The gold leaf accents work especially well to highlight the weathervane when there are trees or other visually competitive objects in the background.

A customer recently sent us the pictures shown above of this weathervane on its home with this lovely comment:

I think you did a fantastic job making the weathervane, and I will happily recommend you to anyone I know who is thinking of a similar project.

We created another iteration of this design in the large size for a residential housing development called Heritage Woods in Illinois. Our design very closely mirrored their corporate logo and was placed on top of a gazebo in the center court yard of the complex. Since we specialize in custom weathervanes, you have the option of personalizing this weathervane based on any variety of oak tree or, for that matter, the leaf from any kind of tree.

An oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus (Latin ‘oak tree’), of which about 600 species exist on earth. The fruit is a nut called an acorn, borne in a cup-like structure known as a cupule; each acorn contains one seed (rarely two or three) and takes 6-18 months to mature, depending on species. They are a staple part of the forage consumed by wildlife, including squirrels and jays. As such, this weathervane would pair nicely with our Squirrel Weathervane with Acorn. When a customer orders two or more weathervanes at the same time, we give them a 10% discount on all.

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