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Flying Jackass Logo Weathervane – Exclusive

Logo Weather Vane - Flying Jackass


This Flying Jackass Weathervane is an exclusive design for the Flying Jackass Ranch in Texas. It is a swell-bodied sculpture piece fabricated in copper, and has brown glass taxidermy eyes. The rear legs of this design are in mirror image, which was done here to add stability to the attachment to the arrow, while the front legs are separated and visually very active.

The arrow has been inscribed on one side with the name of the ranch, and on the other with the name of the family founders.

While optional gilding in gold or palladium would be eyecatching on the wings & hooves, it is a matter of personal preference whether or not to select this option.

In keeping with traditional uses of weathervanes, we have many customers who use our weather vanes to demarcate their business locations. For instance, a dentist has a Tooth Fairy Weathervane at the entrance to her office, a preschool has a Stork with Baby Weathervane, and a football stadium has a Helmet Weathervane. This is just to name a few. And then there businesses such as this one, that have their logo made into a weathervane as an exclusive, assuring that no one else will be using their valuable business design.

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